Out and About in October

October was a busy month for the children at Club Fed. We explored the outside as the leaves changed, had fun learning about pumpkins, and continued our curriculum on Community Helpers and the Community around us. The children of Camp Mighty Redwood and Camp Laurel Oak went on a field trip to Sunnyside Gardens earlier this month. They had a blast pumpkin picking, riding the train, and seeing the butterflies! They also brought pumpkins back for the other classrooms at Club Fed who have all had a great time exploring the pumpkin. They have seen and felt what's inside, baked pumpkin seeds and had them for snack, painted with pumpkin tops, made Jack-O-Lanterns, and even created science experiments with the pumpkins! It has been a month long fun learning unit! Camps Mighty Redwood and Laurel Oak went on a field trip to the Arbor Hill Fire Station. There they learned about fire safety and got to see all of the equipment that the firefighters use when they work to keep us safe. They saw the firetrucks, got to sit inside one and see what it was like, they practiced bandaging friends up, and they got to see the clothes and special equipment firefighters wear! It was a fun time had by all! Officer Perfetti came to Club Fed to talk to the children about Police Officers and all of the important work they do in the community. She supported our curriculum which we have been working on this month around Community Helpers. Camps Mighty Redwood and Laurel Oak even went out to see the police car! With our November curriculum beginning and having a large focus on Transportation, we had Otto the Auto come visit us at Club Fed to teach us about traffic and overall car safety. Otto the Auto is sponsored by AAA and it is a favorite annual event for the children. Thank you also to Mike Sweeney who is the voice of Otto and brings him back every year!