October Learning and Fun

We had a busy October over in Guilderland. We explored the outside as the leaves changed, had fun learning about pumpkins, and continued our curriculum on Community Helpers and the Community around us. We did a study on pumpkins and the children had a fantastic time exploring the pumpkin. They have seen and felt what's inside, painted with pumpkin tops, made Jack-O-Lanterns, and even created science experiments with the pumpkins! It has been a month long fun learning unit! With our unit on Community Helpers we had fire stations come to some schools and show the children the equipment the fire fighters used, we had Otto the Auto come visit the children to teach them about traffic and overall car safety. Otto the Auto is sponsored by AAA, thank you to Mike Sweeney who is the voice of Otto and brings him to life! The curriculum really came alive in the classrooms this month!