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QUALITYstarsNY is a state wide initiative designed to strengthen the quality of program offered for families in the state, as well as educate families about what is quality care. By 2014, all licensed programs in New York State will be able to participate. All licensed care will undergo a very rigorous process of evaluation and will receive a 1-5 star rating - 5 being the highest. Due to the strength of our participation during the pilot launch phase of this program, in 2011, we were asked to have our program exclusively featured on the state wide production video of this important initiative. Additionally, Victory was asked, as the exclusive educator, to speak about the merits of this very important initiative.  

In 2014, Club Fed was rated as a 5 star QUALITYstarsNY Program.

Summer 2016

Altamont Enterprise pens two articles about Victory Childcare in June and July. The first, entitled "Victory Child Care is ‘immersed in education,’ founder says" can be read here. The second, entitled "GCSD approves contract with Victory Child Care" can be read here.

January 2016

We have been working with many community based partners to get our new Family Reading Initiative off the ground! Thank you first to all who have been a part of this very important project. It takes many people to make a difference in the community and our Club Fed Family is doing just that! We have delivered our first two bookshelves (outside of Club Fed) that are now filled with gently used books that are free to families. They found homes at the City School District of Albany Committee on Preschool Special Education Office and at the City School District of Albany Central Registration Office. A huge thank you to the Glenville Day Habilitation group that made the beautiful bookshelves to house all of the books! 

January 2016

As part of our participation in QUALITYstarsNY ASPIRE Highlighted Victory as part of their January Newsletter. See the article here.

April 2015

Law enforcement leaders in uniform read to young children on Wednesday at Club Fed's "Our Family Reads!" project supporting family literacy. See pictures and read further about the event here.

March 2014

Victory Lynn Riedy, Ed. M. made a presentation to the NYS Board of Regents concerning the need for funding for early care initiatives, including the funding of QualityStarsNY. Victory was one of only a few educational professionals asked to present.

February 2013

Feb, 2013 - The CDCCC is launching a community based parenting tool, which will give guidance to a very broad audience. They have selected Club Fed as the venue for their first project. The video follows:


February 2012

Club Fed was the host of a news conference for America's Edge. The National Director was on hand to promote how investments in quality early learning programs boost local businesses.

September 2012

As part of New York State Education Department's “Back to School Week”, Commissioner Dr. John B. King, Jr. travels the state visiting schools to showcase their work and provide emphasis on our important work of educating the children of New York State. This year, for the first time, the Commissioner included an early learning program as a part of his visits and he selected Club Fed Child Care Center, op by Victory Child Care, Inc. Some our children shared their work with the Commissioner, as part of a small presentation that we did for him. Dr. King also spent time reading to our children. It was quite an honor for us at Club Fed to showcase our work with young children for the Commissioner and invited guests. View the article here.

November 2012

Making the recent news is the importance of investing in Pre-K funding. Club Fed was used as the venue to promote this initiative. View the article here.

April 2011

When the QualityStarsNY video was launched state wide, we were asked to host a launch party. Many invited guests were present; they represented QualityStarsNY, New York State Office of Children and Family Services, New York State Department of Education, The Alliance for Quality Education as well as various organizations that are interested in promoting quality care initiatives in New York State.


June 2011

As part of the launch of QualityStarsNY, the children of Club Fed visited the State Capital. The children visited Senator Savino, as well as the Senate Floor with Senator Flanigan.


November 2011

There is a National Public Media Initiative called Graduate America. Victory was asked to participate in the local Town Hall discussion, providing the Early Childhood Perspective. This Town Hall event was aired on our local public television station, as were similar programs nationally. View the actual broadcast of the show here.