We focus on art, music, and drama activities by integrating them into daily classroom experiences and activity time opportunities.   Children participate in process art, which supports exploration and creativity.  They study famous artists and those artist particular styles and techniques.  They are exposed to many diverse music styles and genres.  They are encouraged to participate in music through movement and singing along.  Drama activities include puppet shows, putting on classroom and center wide plays.

Health and Fitness

We encourage growth of healthy children through our Get Fit Curriculum and participation in the national initiative Let’s Move! Child Care. Our curriculum supports healthy lifestyles, including developing physical skills and healthy eating habits, through intentional teaching. By participating in the national fitness initiative, we join national efforts to start children on the path to long, healthy lives.


We understand the importance of brain development and stimulating various parts of the brain, especially those of language development.  We provide weekly Spanish and Russian instruction for children in both Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten.  Children learn songs and words to support curriculum in both languages.

Kindness Curriculum

Teachers support social/emotional health of children and build strong classroom communities with the Kindness Curriculum.  Teachers guide children to recognize their feelings and build empathy towards others feelings.  Teachers help children understand respect, self-control, friendship, and conflict resolution.